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- 2019 Responsible for the exhibition "Formspænd" at the museum A.Petersen - A collab between KADK & NEXT.

- 2018 Intern at NORM ARCHITECTS - Furniture & Product.

- 2016 BA-project - worked with FRITZ HANSEN and their head of design

Christian Andreasen - www.fritzhansen.dk

- 2016 Finished her BA in industrial design at Kolding Design school.

- 2016 Part of the annual ECCO shoe project - in collaboration with: www.pensole.com & www.designskolenkolding.dk

- 2015 Team leader at the international BANG & OLUFSEN innovation camp - www.theinnovationcamp.com

- 2014 Design project for the company MOSER & MOSER - www.moserogmoser.dk

- 2013 Freelance work for graphic designer MICHAEL KORNMAALER - www.kornmaaler.com

- 2013 Graphic designer and organizer on the cookingbok MODÉER & MUNKHOLM

- 2011 - 2012 Assisted the company AMPD - www.ampd.dk 

- 2011 Attended product design course at KRABBESHOLM HØJSKOLE - www.krabbesholm.dk



BA - Industrial design - Kolding Design School

MA - Furniture, interior & product

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine ArtsSchools of Architecture, Design and Conservation



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